Tuesday, September 16, 2014

September 8

kay well here is the weekly letter. so this week it was looking like a really good week with a ton of appointments. but as it happens sometimes people end up not wanting to meet anymore so they cancel.. it just sucks when you have biked an hour to see them and you have to bike back another hour. but i guess its good for me! makes me less fat thats for sure. so when people cancel we just go around an knock a lot of gates, which isnt too bad if you make it fun. ryan is a wuss. hes lucky he has a car... and an i pad mini... im on the other side of the world almost getting hit in crazy malaysian traffic everyday! but were both where we need to be maybe he couldnt handle this... But i am glad to be in malaysia and im glad to be still in ipoh but i feel like i am leaving ipoh soon. transfers are in 2 week s so i guess i will find out. my comp is going to start teaching a french class so that will be cool to learn a little french. I am good i just work really hard so i am really tired all the time. kinda sad a family we had on date decided they liked praying to an elephant god instead of having eternal life so they dont want to meet with me anymore. its really hard to teach indians. they all just have a different view on life. but its challenging but it makes me stronger. i love and miss all of you! keep me in your prayers i can feel them a lot.
Love Elder Morgan

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