Tuesday, September 16, 2014

April 27

keep trying to get ryan out. it will be not the best 2 years of his life but the best 2 years FOR his life. that is something sister mains said and it is so true. it will change his life and i know he will love it. you can show this to him if he wants. he probably weighs more than me too now. i am down to 205 which sucks cause i just sweat all day and biking for 5 years doesnt help. my comp and i have what you call a golden investigator she is freakin awesome!!@ she want to come to church so bad but she does charity every sunday but she is bringing her son and she just really wants the gospel. she does everything we ask and we showed her around church and the baptismal font and she thought it was really cool. she is so nice to us she said that we can call her mom!. the mission is awesome i love serving the lord. i try ands do better everyday that i am out here. there is this lady named sister loh... holy she is just too much. she is so intense its crazy. every 2 seconds she says Aiyo elders......and says something she thinks we are doing wrong. it just gives me a head ache her voice just kills me but she does good work and shows us less actives for us to teach so its alright, she says the missionaries have to suffer.. so i guess she does a good job at making that happen! but i really do love everyone here they are very nice to me. the members here are awesome maybe better than those in fruit heights.... we are really getting member missionary work going here, it helps so much because the lord is hastening his work. we no longer use a sickle like in d&c 4 but we use turbines. and the members are the ones who are reaching out and inviting friends and family to church and the missionaries are to assist and teach those they find. that is the way the lord is working now. i know that i am meant to be on my mission. i love it so much and it is changing my life, it is making me so much better.

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