Tuesday, September 23, 2014

September 21

thats good you got to go to the ogden temple. i wish i got to go i bet it would help a lot. yeah this could be my last transfer here. i love ipoh but it is time for me to go and find other people that need me. and give other missionaries the chance to come to ipoh.
so when do you find out about transfers
dont know probably not till like 12. there was a problem with like 12 misisonaries getting back into malaysia at zone conference so a lot of people might get moved around so it might take president mains longer to sort it all out
they all had a lot of tourist 90 day visas. some missionaries have filled up like 6 pages of there passport, no i didnt get any letters or packages. i got the swedish fish the week before though
Zone conference:
when we got there we went straight to emailing so thats why it was late last time. then we went back to the mission office and we were going to go to the beach but didnt have enough time so we went to subway which is amazing, i miss some american food.. then the night was just an activity so all the missionaries just played sports together then the next day we sit in the chapel all day while people talk about faith. then we went at night and did missionary work. i just walked around a mall with this elder named elder fowler from texas he is sweet. then just had till 3 the next day to walk around singpore
yeah i had 7 investigators at church this week so it was really good. and got a family on date so its been a pretty good week even though it was shorter because of singapore
yeha i still bike a ton. it is a 20 minute fast paced ride to even get to my area
i think im ready to move to a different area. 6 months is a long time
you still cant text?? well i am getting transferred to singapore!! in bedok!
Elder Wade is my companion.
I should be flying on thursday. but i have to go now bye love you talk to you next week! And transfer my money to my checking account so i can buy a camera when i get there!
Elder Morgan

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