Tuesday, September 16, 2014

June 15 My big brother is going to New York Utica!!

I had an okay week! we didnt have as many appointments as last week so we just got to do a lot of contacting which isnt too fun when it is 100+ degrees out side! but it was really good it was pretty much like being in a steam room! Fathers day was good i wish they let me call home on fathers day too! we have 3 baptisms next week and then 2 more the week after! so we are going to be busy making sure everyone gets to those! im so glad ryan got his call that is awesome! now you will be double blessed!! sorry this letter isnt too long this week was kinda a low week but next week will be better! i am in Penang right now for a zone pday so we are going to a really nice beach to play rugby and volleyball!! and then i get yto go to singapore next week! for 3 days! so we will be busy for the next couple weeks trying to cram appointments into the few days that we are in Ipoh. I Love and miss you all!

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