Saturday, November 15, 2014

November 10, 2014 New District Leader.... Elder Morgan!

Hello Everybody! so last week when we got transfer news i found out that i was staying in bedok still and with Elder Wade still. but i was made District Leader. so far being a DL is nothing really new or too hard, everyone has given me a lot of support and my district is awesome so it makes my job easy! This week i had a lot of appointments so that is always good! Elder Ormsby was in Singapore for a few days last week so it was way good to see him. The members of this ward is awesome, so at church yesterday we had one of our Filipino Investigators come and instantly the other Filipino's in the ward just made best friends with him and if you know Filipinos they all love basketball, so the members invited him to play and they instantly just made him feel way welcome. He said that he loved church because everyone was so warm and welcoming to him. Members are what make the difference for investigators, THank you mom for the birthday package the shirt fits way better than the older shirts so you can send the rest. and i already ate all the candy you sent so you can send some more of that as well. i hope dad is doing good, i have really prayed long and hard for him so i hope that he is doing well. I miss you all and love you all!
- :Love Elder Morgan