Tuesday, September 16, 2014

March 28

MATT'S first letter...
Im doing really good here supriosingly the first night was rough i didnt get much sleep. i have been learning a freakin ton about the gospel. i actually like it here. the food isnt that bad and i am living. turns out i leave the 8th instead of the 10th but thats good. i swear i never have time to do anything here. me and my companion elder baker are the zone leaders here in the mtc. so that means that i get to train some of the new missionaries next week. im pretty excited about that. i can tell that i have changed so much just from being here two das. my teachers are awesome. i start teaching investigators on monday and im really nervous about that. but i dont have a lot of time to eamil today cause im supposed to only email home and say im alive. so im alive. and doing well. i get to email a lot more on wednesday becasue that is my P-day. but i have to email my branch pres now. bye. LOve elder morgan.

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