Tuesday, September 16, 2014

May 4

I found out I get to skype on Mothers day.well i would need your skype name. Ive been doing pretty good ive been working really hard. physically drained all week. have a bunch of really good investigators and they are doing really well. one had a dream about me and my comp and we were guiding her on this small path and holding her hand and showing her where to go. she then said that she knew we were called of god. so that was just a really cool experience. she is getting baptized the 14 of june and her son will also be baptized on the same date. all of the members are awesome. sis chris fed us so much food last night we all felt like we were going to explode! i juust bike a ton and have a lot of appointments so when we get home at night we just crash. i am trying to do my best and i am being blessed for being here.yeah we do tracting. but door knocking doesnt work too good out here. the one who had that dream thing she referred herself through lds.org. and the others are just member referals. so that is where they mostly come from....we teach English classes at the church. yes i am learning a little bit of malay. because we go to a lot of malay speaking families because my comp is a malay elder

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