Tuesday, September 16, 2014

May 18

this is the email for FB) hello everyone!! this week was pretty good but pretty bad too. i went to Kuala Lumpur for new missionary training, and that was really good. the president taught us a lot of good things that are going to help me so much! The AP's also gave us some teaching which was really good. they just taught us how we can become better missionaries. we were there for 2 days then we came back and had an appointment with celia and we had to teach the word of wisdom so we were both kinda scared cause shes chinese and chinese love their coffee and tea.. so we told her about it and when she heard no coffee and tea she was like" WHAT NO COFFEE OR TEA!!?? that is my favorite! i mix them!. but then she paused for a second and said okay i can do it, its what heavenly father wants. its just so cool how strong people can feel the spirit. i was doing way good that day but then the next day i got a fever of 103 and i was way sick for 2 days and was just so weak! but i am doing better today so hopefully i dont get sick anymore because it sucked. and thats pretty much what ive done this week. a lot of appointments with investigators. we have a lot of people to teach so i stay busy, unless im sick... but i will be back and at it tomorrow! Love and miss you all!

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