Tuesday, September 16, 2014

July 6

well it was transfers this week so i basically just helped the other elders move out and helped them clean both apartments! then the mission president called and told me and elder ormsby to move to a different apartment so that the sisters could stay in the one we were living in so i still had to pack up even though i didnt get transferred. then we had to clean our apartment a little bit better cause it probably wasnt good enough the first time... but other than that i was really busy. i had a lot of lessons and we should have a few more baptisms this month! which i am looking forward to!! i love seeing the spirit work through people and bring a change! its awesome how fast people can decide to change. i have probably gained a lot of weight!! its hard not to when you live in ipoh. serving with sisters is different for sure but it has its perks. they made us a cake last night:) so hopefully that continues to happen! i love being out here and i love and miss everyone!

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