Tuesday, September 16, 2014

April 20

This week was really good! we had a lady refer herself on lds.org and that never happens but we went and met with her and we gave her an english Book of Mormon and she called us back the next day and said it was too hard to understand so she wanted us to give her a Chinese one. so we went all the way down to her shop to give her one and we just missed her. so we were kinda bummed but we went home and we got cleaned up cause we have to shower like 3+ times a day. and we just decided to go to the mall here and get some food. and we were just walking and we saw the lady and her family and she invited us to go get dinner with them and she said that she knew we lived by there and she felt like she should go there and she said it was really cool that we saw her. but it was good because we were able to get the dad to open up who said he didnt want the gospel but now he does and we taught them the restoration and we have more appointments with them later. its just cool cause my trainer was always saying we just have to be out. and doing something. its just cool how the lord works and how he puts us at the right place at the right time. my testimony has grown so much since being here. we got to do service for this old lady that had cancer and she is just in pain all the time and cant really clean the house so we went and just cleaned her whole house i just felt really good the whole time i knew that she really appreciated what we had done and we shared a thought and invited her husband to come to church and it was just awesome that we could feelthe spirit there. my comp and i now have a whole apartment to ourselves because one elder got emergency transferred so the other elders moved upstairs with his comp.

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