Tuesday, September 16, 2014

MTC!! March 26 2014

We all went out for breakfast before the drop off. Cafe 300. It was a cold Spring day. We got to the MTC early so we took pictures and sat in the car and talked. We tried to guess who the companion would be?? Was it the cowboy from Idaho? Was it the big Poly? It was finally time for the curb side drop. We all piled in the mini van and drove over. Elder Morgan gave us all a big hug and away he went!! We felt a little ripped off that he didn't even cry! All the kids cried. Ava was really sad since she will miss him. The Poulsen kids cried every night for a couple weeks. But they all know that Uncle Matt is serving the Lord. We are so proud of our son, brother, uncle, and the baby of the family!!

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