Tuesday, September 16, 2014

May 27

Last week had its ups and downs. started out really down. i was still sick from the week before. so for the first half of the week i was just dead and layed in bed all day. so i got kinda skinny cause i didnt really eat for a week. so i need to get extra dinner appointments this week so that i can get fat:) but the work is really good here! had a lot of appointments and they all went really well! all of my investigators are interested and got 2 more on date this week! Celia came to church! so if she comes next week we can baptize her on june 14! so that would be really goood. i am doing good now. im pretty healthy now just a little skinny. i hope i dont get sick anymore because that sucked. but i love Ipoh still. i decided to buy a way nice badminton racket because badminton is so big her and i am way good now. got 3 new elders here. one is a greenie so imn not the newest here anymore! i hope everything is still good at home. i pray for you and i hope you do the same! thank you for the support! Love Elder Morgan

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