Tuesday, September 16, 2014

June 23

I am doing good. Celia passed her baptism interview so her baptism is this saturday! This week i really only have 1 day of real missionary work. and that is tomorrow so we are way busy tomorrow! wednesday i fly to singapore for zone conference and for a visa run. we get to spend 3 days in singapore so i really just get to go and see all of the sights there. so that will be really sweet! then when we get home from singapore i have to hurry and clean the font and fill it for saturday! im really excited for this baptism and there will be 2 more on july 5th! its awesome because we found and have taught all 3 of them and now i will get to see them be baptised! transfers are next week so i hope i really get to stay in Ipoh for a little bit more! I love being in Malaysia! I love and miss you all!

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