Tuesday, September 16, 2014

April 3

the mtc is has been the greatest trial/blessing in my life. i know i will be asked to do hard things out here but i know that i can do anything if i do what is right and keep doing my best. my companion and i are teaching the guy named mark turco. he is way hard to teach all he wants to do is ask questions. so its really frustrating. but just wanted to tell you that i am still alive. i leave april 8th now so that is good but don't get there till April 10. i go to LA then to hong kong then to Singapore. turns out my carry on can only be 15 pounds. so hopefully i get all the weight right so i don't have to pay 150$ just for the over weight charge. but today i have to be the missionary who pulls the new missionaries away from their families haha.i dont know why they are making us cause my district has only been here a week. i barely know where everything is. David Archuleta came and sang to us you might not even know who that is but he was te one who was on american idol. he just got off his mission last week and he came and spoke to the mtc and he sang. and also the guy who plays the organ at general conference came and just gace a talk and played some songs a long the way and he is so freaking good and the organ. he did a song that he wrote after he had surgery on his had so most of it was with his feet! and hit right hand and left hand joined in later but it was just crazy. but i dont have alot of time to write i have to go do laundry so that it will be done in time for a meeting i have today. So much for P day. but i really like being here i know god wants me here, so that is whats keeping me here. i do my best. love and miss all you. tell me when ryans call gets there, if it ever does. Love Elder Morgan

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