Tuesday, September 16, 2014

September 1. Longest letter yet!!

well on tuesday ji woke up at 7 then had personal study for an hour then i had comp study for an hour. then additional study cause my comps first language is french so he studies english for study, then we went to district meeting for 2 and a half hours then i had lunch. then rode my bike for a thousand miles and met this guy named john who doesnt really want and keeps trying to avoid us then i met with queenie and she is awesome and funny then had FHE at the church and ate a ton of food then i went home and had nightly planning then i put my sarong then i went to sleep.okay so wednesday... woke up at 7 then personal study then comp study then met celia my RC at 10 then went to lunch then went to this old tamil ladys house and she made us a ton of curry.( this curry was the start of my eating too much curry this week and getting the side effect of eating curry) then went to brother ongs house which is way sweet and basically on an island in the mountains. then had to bike a thousand miles per hour to meet morgan and mala but they werent even there so it sucked way way bad cause then we had to bike all the way home. then we did nightly planning and i slept
thursday. woke up at 7 then PS then CS then AS then lunch then weekly planning( had curry again for lunch if you were wondering) then went to meet these 4 investigators mohan vinod denish and deshwin. age 17 17 16 adn 8 they are probably the sickest kids ive met. then went to suthans house who is a less active and taught him to read the book of mormon .then went back to the church to meet queenie but she didnt show up so we went and ate dinner at a place called crazy ice cream i had a 6 scoop ice cream on half a water melon. and food and a salad bar and an extra scoop of ice cream that came with my meal./ and french fries.. then nightly planning then went to sleepThen on friday i was on splits with the greenie elder li. and did the regular morning stuff then met this guy named jj he is awesome and it was the first time ive met him and he seemed pretty interested we just taught him the restoration even though i think elder li said maybe 3 words the whole time. i guess it was my bad i just like teaching the restoration too much. then we were supposed to go contacting but sister loh made us come and do family history for an hour and a half. but i found a really really cool autobiography about grandpa goodwin that i read so it was cool. i have never seen that before. then we went to this investigators house named alice then i had to speak a little malay cause thats all she speaks cause she is from the phillipines well she speaks tegalok to though. then i ate some dinner and it was curry again for lunch and dinner. then i met queenie then taught english class! then went home and planned more then went to sleep ( I said maybe all the effects of spicy curry will help him with his weight control)...
.its muscle ok. just do push ups and ab workouts. saturday i went contacting all day and found an awesome guy names kumar. we helped him move a lot of fruit because he owns a shop so we just carried the boxes for him. then he says he wants to meet this week and come to church so it was really awesome. doing service helps so much! then i taught queenie and Xue Li again then it was sports saturday so i just played volleyball for 2 hours then went and ate dinner. then sunday went to church it was good. except the crazy guy that talks to himself came this time. and he went up and just started talking into the mic and was trying to speak spanish or something it was funny so they just turned the mic off and the sisters and relief society just got up and started singing their song so it was funny! then went to a devotional thing at night and ate more curry twice on sunday once on saturday twice on friday once on thursday.... and wednesday once. well you can just piece all that together and make that my weekly email to everyone if you want ahah.( I said,Ok but it needs testimony to go with it). know this church is true and being a missionary is good. amen
i just have no time now i have to go. so tell dad hi. and i miss you guys love you bye
u too i will pray and fast for dad
Elder Morgan

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