Tuesday, September 16, 2014

August 11

 well i hope everything will go well with dad i have been praying for him everyday. yeah i ate more octopus and squid and eel and raw salmon and other way weird food this week. i really actually like octopus! why would you leave the truck at the cabin just give it to me when i come home!! yeah we are just sitting here waiting for the news! Ormsby is going to be a ZL in Sabbah so that means were not comps anymore! which sucks but its cool that he gets to go there its like the prettiest place in malaysia so i just have to wait and see whats happening to me!
oh thats good. maryanne and brent are the only ones that have mailed me in our massive family
give them the address! i need mail mom
matthew. morgan@myldsmail. net

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