Tuesday, September 16, 2014

June 8

hello everyone! This week was a really good week! i got a lot of work done and got to teach a lot of lessons and got more people on date for baptism in july! got to go to a chinese funeral this week and also an indian wedding! those were both really cool and i learned a lot more about their cultures. they have some pretty weird things they do! so at one lesson we were teaching the restoration and it was the first time that we had met with this woman. she is tamil. so after we taught her the lesson she said that she had a dream the night before and she asked if we could tell her what it meant. so she told her dream and i listened so much. she said that she saw a lot of sheep in a field and that there was one sheep that was not in the field but farther away from the other sheep. and she said that she thought that she was that sheep. so after she was done talking i just started to talk i dont remember all that i said but it was something like, that we are sheep and that jesus christ is our shepard and he doesnt want any sheep to be lost and that we were here to help her get back to jesus christ. and after that i just felt the spirit so strong and i know she did too. she said that she now knows that that is true and that we are there to help her come to jesus. i just love how the spirit can work in some people and how good it makes them feel! i had to give a talk this week also. my talk was on the plan of salvation and i didnt find out about it till friday... but good thing i teach that lesson everyday so i was able to give a really good talk about the plan of salvation and how families are together forever. i am having the best time of my life here in Malaysia. i love the people here they are so nice to me! they care so much! i love my mission.

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