Tuesday, September 16, 2014

June 2

 my week was really good this week . when one of our appointments canceled we decided to go and see some Buddhist temples. the temples are in caves and they are way cool! they are way pretty i took like 200 pictures! but i was really busy this week and got to teach a lot of lessons and found a lot of new people to teach. the work is going really good here., the member involvement is really good so that is how we have so much success here. yes i have met the family that bishop andrus talked about they are way nice! they made us really good Indian food! i cant really remember what i did this week, it is all just a blur but we did a lot of good stuff and got to eat a lot of good food. the caves we went to yesterday are the coolest caves i have ever seen! we got to walk along a river that was like a 1000 feet under ground and it was sweeet. there was a like a 30 foot drop off that you just slide down on your butt, that was way sweet. i was one of the first to go down so i had to catch the malay or muslim people at the bottom which was funny because they arent aloud to grab our hands to it was funny. but i had an awesome week i love being on a mission it is what i need to be doing. i love serving the people here they are all so nice to us!

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