Monday, December 29, 2014

Merry Christmas!!

Hello everybody!! This week has been better! my investigators actually found a little time for us in their busy schedules. so we were able to meet with them! then this week i was able to give my first 2 baptism interviews. its way awesome to get to be the person that gets to hear these people witness about the truth that they have just learned. then this week was transfers and there were only 2 changes in my district. sister waldvogel finished her mission then elder hansen who is in my group left to malaysia. so i still have an awesome district. I am getting fed a lot now because its getting around christmas time and everyone is a lot more giving around this time of the year. I had dinner last night at an actual white persons house! its the first time since i left home since ive had real american food! I love being here and doing the lords work. i know that as i am here he will take care of everyone at home. so i just ahve to keep going and not worry! Thank you all for the love and support that i get! sorry its short message! but i love you all and i miss you!
-Elder Morgan

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