Monday, December 29, 2014

Feed the Missionaries!!

Hello Everybody!!!!
This week was a really good week. I am so glad i got to serve here for Christmas (even though there is no snow here) . It has been one of my favorite Christmas's of my life I just wish i could have been around family. It was really fun because we went to a lot of members houses and shared a message about the Savior and it just built my testimony 10 fold. I really enjoy serving with Elder Kavapalu. he is a great missionary. Its good because we both have a can do attitude so we just go work. Singapore all around is just different to serve here, and now everyone asks me what they can do all day, since we shouldn't be setting apart time for "contacting." So i am just looking and searching for good things to tell them. I have said that i feel that it is an opportunity for us to work with the members and get their support and trust so that they will give the missionary work a push. So its just a problem for everyone serving in singapore to find out what to do all day. but it was nice i got a lot of dinner appointments and its really good because i dont have any money left so i would have starved without the members, so FEED THE MISSIONARIES!. I am so glad that i got to talk to some of you at christmas. i love and miss everyone!! i wish i could have skyped everyone! Love Elder Morgan

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