Tuesday, October 28, 2014

October 29, 2014 (He used punctuation and capitalization!!!!!!)

Okay so this is the small weekly email... This week was a pretty good week! So randomly one of the nights we were eating dinner at this mall. and a random lady walked up and said she is a member but she was on vacation and that she is from vancouver and she is like a huge member missionary person. she even wrote an article in the liahona in like 2007. so she came with us to a less active members house. so we didnt call them at all to see if they were there so we just stopped by and they were there! so we got to go in and teach them and it turns out that his wife isnt a member and she kinda only speaks chinese so luckily this random member knew chinese and she was just helping her to understand how she can change her life with the gospel. so they agreed to let us come back and start teaching her! so that was something random but really cool that happened this week. then on saturday one of my investigators got baptized! it was awesome and she was so excited! she is a way awesome indian girl she is 24 and her home town is in ipoh. so when i was in ipoh she came to church for the first time so i was able to meet her while i was in ipoh and then when i got transferred i came to the same place that she lived in singapore. so it is crazy that i was able to come and teach her here. i know that heavenly father is to thank for that. it is just a really cool miracle that happened. and i was so happy that i got to baptize her, and even on moms birthday! so you can say that it was my birthday present!! well that is about all that happened this week. i love and miss you all and hope you are all doing good!
-Love Elder Morgan

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