Monday, October 20, 2014

October 20 2014

Hi Everyone! This week was better than the past few weeks! it was cool one day we got together as our zone and we did a zone blitz thing. so all of our zone met and we all went out contacting and we all tried to get 5 numbers so there are 10 companions in the zone so that would be 50 people that we can talk to and hopefully teach! so it was really cool we did splits so we got to learn from other missionaries. but we all did really well some did not as well and got like 3 but some got even up to 10 so it was awesome that we were able to get more than 50 numbers in only an hour. and from that we have been able to teach a big number of that. Something really cool is that a family that i found and taught in Ipoh just got baptized! it is really awesome to see the fruits of the labors of missionaries. i wish i could be there though. but also one of my investigators names Sharmila is going to be baptized this saturday! The lord truly works miracles. this week i have been able to talk to a lot of more people and one that we met just this week has already accepted to be baptized. the Lord really does prepare people for us to find. Other than that nothing reallly cool or exciting happened this week. but i am going to the Aquarium today so that will be awesome. Thank you all for you emails and your support i love you All!!
Love Elder Morgan

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